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10 Crazy Places To Have Sex

If you are actually bored or just searching for some new places for enjoying with your partner then look no further! Here are some of the crazy places for having sex.
In the Shower
Having sex in pool, lake or some open places, sounds crazy, but it actually makes you more susceptible to UTIs and STDS. Chlorine can make condoms less effective. But one safe place to get wet and wild is in the shower, where condoms and Filitra 40 both works well.
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On the Stairs
Just bend over a few steps up from him so your parts are aligned and he can easily enter you without having to crouch anymore. You can also have him recline on a step while you straddle him with your back right up to his chest. Use the step below for leverage so that you can stay steady while thrusting. 
On the Beach
Sex on the Beach is just inherently romantic. It can help women to get in the mood. Women sometimes need an appropriate atmosphere. It is just probably the best to lay a towel down on the sand for prevent it from getting into tricky areas. And stick to getting busy on the land itself.
On a Plane
Do not worry; we are not advocating anything that an air marshal shall arrest you for doing! Joining mile high club is easier. A new company located in Las Vegas offers couples the chance to do the no-pants dance while flying in a private plane. The plane is actually tricked out with a cushy red bed and heart-shaped pillows. Maybe it is a little cheesy, but it sure beats those tiny airplane bathrooms. 
On The Backyard
Getting busy in your backyard is a great way to get all the benefits of having sex session outdoors and away from home without having to worry that you will actually get caught. You can always pitch a tent so your guy can, pitch a tent in private!
At Some Event
Event places are dope, whether it is a wedding, some sporting event, or a big barbeque, there is something about connecting in a public event that is super-hot and crazy. During an outing that has enough people that allows you to sneak off unnoticed, find a bathroom or closet farthest away from the crowd.
In the Car
Simply pull off to the side of a not-so-busy road, pushing back the seats and steaming up the windows. Or both of you can get in the driver’s seat, slide it back, and straddle him while he grabs the steering wheel for some extra leverage.
At Friend’s Place
Hottest place for having sex was is your friend’s apartment. Because you guys have to be actually silent! Being really, really quiet makes everything feel so much more urgent and hotter.
On the Couch
Maybe you have covered this base already, but did you actually know that the living room staple could actually help you orgasm better? Stacking up the cushions under your lower back makes it more likely that you will reach perfect orgasm. In such case, if your penile fails to be with you or if you are impotent (Erectile Dysfunction) try Filitra 40 pill. 
In Front of a Mirror
Consider this as the easiest sex tweak ever. Doing a doggy style in front of a mirror is a huge turn on as you can see how you and your partner are.

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