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10 Life Hacks For Instant Sex

Despite the fact that amazing-and-short lovemaking session is almost usually preferable over some awful-but-long banging. The myth persists to be that better sex usually means that sex, which can last for a longer time. While plenty of guys may not need to admit that they fail making it past the five-minute mark. However, more than half of the men end up having an orgasm in two minutes or lesser time than that.
When it all comes to your sex life, too much of similar things can usually become predictable. While plenty of things in life are mandatory, your sex life should also be one of them. Fildena 100 can help at times of need. Below listed are 10 life hacks for having instant and best sex.
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Take Cold Showers
Cold showers are known for straight-up the work. They take no time and end up giving HUGE and LONG benefits. They give a HUGE burst of energy. They help man to breathe deep for relieving stress and anxiety. They have been proven to have some genuine antidepressant benefits.
Flex Muscle
Make sure that flexing pelvic floor muscles are worked on. It is the process of stopping the flow of urine instantly that helps in enhancing the desire and sexual sensation as mimicked to be contractions of having an orgasm.
Flash The Man 
In case, women are looking for some quick way to get a man into the mood, play the man and give him some quick flash. There is not a straight man in this world that could ignore such stuff.
Man Must Eat Pineapple
Eating pineapples helps man to make their sperm taste better. 
Women Must Wear Socks
For all the women that HATE socks in bed, accept the fact that: Socks are known for improving orgasm! Apparently one of the major deterrents to orgasm is whether or not women are cold. Hence, when the feet are warm, the body gets warm. Boom! Blast off! Pretty nice if that is all it takes for heating the moment.
Enhance Sex with Kegels
Performing Kegel exercises are known to be paramount to a good sex life. If you are unsure as to how to pinpoint your pelvic floor, kegel or pubococcygeus (PC) muscles talk to your doctor and perform it right.
Man Must Take Fildena 100
The medicine Fildena 100 quickly works over impotence condition in man. The medicine helps man to attain and sustain stiffer penile in just 30 minutes of pill consumption. 
Take Shower Together
Being neat and clean makes you feel sexier. It opens to receiving more oral sex. And studies say, both the partners are more likely to reciprocate with a clean partner.
Make Use of Coconut Oil
Is there anything coconut oil cannot do??  The highly accepted product makes a good lube in a pinch. In case, you have some around, just try to rub it on yourself and your partner! ED is the issue with the man, Fildena 100 can help to make penile erect and coconut oil can do the rest job well!
Be Generous With Compliments
Compliment your partner more often. Paying more attention to them is a great way for returning relationship and becoming more involved with one another sexually. 


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