Why Fildena 100 is Better Than Other ED Pills

    Result-Proven Impotency Drug Fildena 100   Fildena 100 is a fast-acting and result-proven medicine which primarily treats erectile dysfunction and other impotency related health condition in men. The drug contains FDA approved Sildenafil Citrate 100 mg as an active ingred ...
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Posted: Apr 13, 2018

Why Smokers Don't Get a Proper Penile Erection

It is proved that smoking impacts the penile erection in men. In 2014, the acting U.S. Surgeon General added the condition 'Erectile Dysfunction (ED)' to the list of health issues that are caused owing to smoking. Various researches indicate that, men who smoke are at a higher risk of getting affected by Erectile Dysfunction. Usually, erect ...
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Posted: Apr 12, 2018

10 Fertility Superfoods Worth Consumption

  Fertility issues are known affecting up to 15% of couples. Luckily, there are a few natural ways for enhancing your fertility faster. If nothing works you can give Filagra 100 pill a try. Some diet and lifestyle changes can help to boost fertility by up to 69% in man.    Trying for ...
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Posted: Apr 10, 2018

5 Amazing Sex Myths Of Obese Men

  Being obese is not only physically limiting oneself but also emotionally. To reduce weight, it is very difficult to commit oneself to a regime of strict diet and exercise. Especially if you are very obese, then harder you need to work out. If you leave it mid-way then getting back is even more frustrating!.   ...
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Posted: Apr 09, 2018

Top 10 Sex Mistakes Men Should Avoid

  When you are in bed with your lover, last thing you might wish to do is turn them off. Not everyone is clear on his mind as to how to perform lovemaking session with great feelings. Below mentioned are some common blunders that men should not commit.   Forgetting Preps It might seem ...
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Posted: Apr 06, 2018

Condom Challenge: Latest Dangerous Social Media Trend

  The 'Condom Challenge' involves inhaling an unwrapped condom through a nostril and just pulling it out of the throat through the mouth This insane challenge has been around for more than a decade but is making a comeback in teens Health experts warns of choking hazard and that the spermicidal lube in the c ...
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Posted: Apr 05, 2018

Hair Loss Medicines Are Linked To Depression And ED

Medications that treat hair loss are linked with the potential risk of depression and erectile dysfunction (ED). According to a new study, drugs used for hair fall and prostate enlargement such as Finasteride and Dutasteride are associated with the risk of depression and erectile dysfunction. Finasteride and Dutasteride belong to a class of dr ...
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Posted: Mar 27, 2017

Avana Is The Fastest Acting Drug Amid Other ED Drugs

Avana is one of the generic medicines with an active ingredient Avanafil. According to some clinical studies, it is found that Avanafil promotes stronger and long-lasting erection within 30 minutes of even less.  Before understating how and how fast Avanafil works, you must know how a man develops erectile dy ...
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Posted: Mar 24, 2017

Cupid's Great Discount On This Valentine's Day

Offer: 30% Discount to new customer and 50% Discount to old customer. Valentine's Day is just around the corner and as you know the florists are all gearing up for a rush and so are the pharmacies! You might see retail bump in items like cut flowers, for the Rose Day that is on 7th of February, but a lot of lovers have another item on their V- ...
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Posted: Feb 08, 2017

Fildena XXX Is A Wonderful Fruit Chew Medicine

Have you been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction? Did you doctor prescribe Sildenafil Citrate? If yes, you must try Fildena XXX, an amazing fruit chew medicine! Fildena XXX is a Fortune Healthcare manufacturing medicine that contains Sildenafil Citrate as an active component. It is available in a chewable tablet form that is very easy to ...
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Posted: Jan 25, 2017
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