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18 Million Americans Suffer Impotency, One Effective Drug - Fildena 100

Erectile dysfunction condition is generally thought to be a condition that affects only older men, but several new studies concluded many young men may also have ED.
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Another study, published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, had concluded that one in four men at an outpatient clinic in treating erectile dysfunction (which is a condition where man has an issue to have or maintain a stiffer penile) was actually under the age of 40 years. Plus, nearly half of the men under age 40 — 48.8% of them — had the severe sexual condition, compared with 40% of men that are older than 40 years.
Erectile function, in general, is known to be a marker for an overall cardiovascular function which is the first research showing evidence of delivering severe impotence issue in a population of men 40 years of age or younger. However, no matter what causes impotence issue in men, medicine like Fildena 100 can treat the condition well in minutes of its consumption. 
How Does an Erection Occur?
In order to attain a stiffer penile, various parts of the body must work together. The brain is responsible for sending a message of sexual arousal, right through the nervous system of the penile. This message helps the penile muscles to relax. At the same time, artery present in the penile reign dilates to twice its diameter. This action mechanism enhances the flow of blood, and the veins carrying blood away from the penile are blocked. As a result, two spongy-tissue chambers in the shaft of the penile get filled with blood leading to a stiffer penile. A breakdown in any of these entire systems can make getting or keeping an erection difficult. In such case, Fildena 100 pill can help the man with proper blood flow in the penile for stiffer erection. 
How is Impotence Diagnosed?
It is studied that virtually all men occasionally fail to attain a stiffer penile. In case, a man has trouble issues in getting or sustaining an erection about 25% of the time, the man should soon see a urologist. These physicians are known for having deep knowledge of disorders of the kidneys, bladder, prostate, penile, and urethra.
Usually, after asking questions about when and how impotence issue is evolved, the urologist shall give the patient a complete physical exam for determining if the hormone levels are all normal and if the blood vessels, nerves as well as the tissues present in the penile are working properly. If this initial work-up does not pinpoint the actual cause, a nocturnal penile tumescence test can be performed.
Men with completely no physical abnormalities almost invariably have a nightly penile erection while being asleep. The patient might spend a few nights in a sleep laboratory where a gauge measures frequency and duration of nocturnal erections of the penile. A home version of the test includes a snap-gauge test that can be performed. Before going to sleep, the patient attaches the gauge to the base of his penis. During the night, the gauge will break at different degrees of penile rigidity and show whether a partial or full penile erection has taken place while being asleep. If nocturnal erections fail to occur, the impotence is most likely to be a physical condition. Additional testing is also needed for identifying the precise cause of the issue that can be treated with Fildena 100 medicine.


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