18 Million Men In The U.S Suffer Silently

Studies say that more than 18 million men in the United States over age 20 are affected by Erectile Dysfunction (ED). The prevalence of impotence issue in men is strongly linked with age, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and a lack of physical activity. No matter what the cause of ED is medicine like Generic Levitra can help men to deal with it.
Findings have also indicated that lifestyle changes, including enhanced physical activity and measures for preventing cardiovascular disease and diabetes, might also lead to lowered erectile function. 
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Physicians are quite aggressive for screening and managing older patients and middle-aged those are suffering from ED, especially among men with diabetes or hypertension. Association of ED with conditions diabetes and cardiovascular are powerful motivators. It helps man for men that needs to have change in their diet and lifestyle. 
The research team analyzed data from 2,126 men that participated in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES). Men that reported being “sometimes able” or “never able” to attain and sustain stiffer erection were categorized as being impotent or having erectile dysfunction. On the other hand, man that reported being “always/almost able” or “usually able” was not impotent. 
The overall prevalence of impotence issue among men in the United States is 18%. Men aged 70 and older are much more likely for reporting to be impotent compared to only 5% in men between the ages of 20 and 40. Nearly half of all men in the study with diabetes also had ED condition. Approx. 90% of men with impotence might have had at least one risk factor for cardiovascular disease, including mild diabetes, poor cholesterol levels, hypertension, or smoking regularly. Impotent men are seen to be less likely for being engaged in vigorous physical activity, this was found within the month prior participation in the study.
How Can It Be Treated? 
Despite the high prevalence of cases many men suffer the condition of ED in silence as they are too embarrassed to seek medical advice. They usually do not talk about their issues with friends and family for fear of being teased or considered as less masculine. Under-treatment of impotence continues to be common, even though the range of medications currently available are effective and can greatly improve the relationship and sexual satisfaction. One of such solution is Generic Levitra composed of Vardenafil. The medicine is a PDE5 inhibitor that works for a smoother flow of blood in the penile, further delivering stiffer and long lasting penile erection. 
There are various treatments for ED, medication being the most common, but one size does not fit all and what works for one man might not have been effective for someone else. Popping a Generic Levitra is not always the answer and some men do not wish to take medicines. Alternatively, changing lifestyle can help symptoms of impotence in men.


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