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5 Amazing Bedroom Myths

No matter how mislead you are, some things can actually be really helpful for the human psyche. It’s just like when you believe in Santa Claus as a kid, or convincing yourself that half of the women in Hollywood don’t have fake asses!
At some point or another though, you might have to just let go of youthful naiveté and face facts. As the fact denotes that Generic Viagra works over lose penile, some of the amazing 5 bedroom myths are listed below!
Swallowing Semen Is Harmful
“Semen” mostly contains some sugars and proteins, contents. It is found that semen does not cause harm. It also contains vitamin B12, vitamin C, zinc, and calcium with some mood-boosting compounds including cortisol, estrone, oxytocin, and serotonin. However, numerous women are concerned about the fact that semen might make them gain more weight. On an average, a man’s ejaculate contains approx. 5 to 25 calories, hence, it is definitely not fattening at all.
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You Can't Get STI/STD From Performing Oral Sex
The NHS (National Health Service) recommends everyone for using a condom while performing oral sex, for preventing the disease from spreading. Dental dams and condoms can be used as barrier methods for preventing passing on of STIs while performing oral sex, and are available free via local family planning clinic or sexual health service.
Drink For Dreaming
Alcohol is known for making a person feel sleepy, so many assume that drinking before bed can help them to have a sound sleep. In fact, alcohol is known as a metabolized throughout the night and is likely for disturbing your sleep, especially since it lowers rapid eye movement (or REM sleep), hence, it is best not to drink before going to bed.
Pineapple Helps To Make Your 'Spunk' Sweet
Your diet does affect bodily secretions, but eating pineapple is not guaranteed for making your nether regions for smelling sweet. In fact, there is no scientific research that has proven certain foods make semen or vaginal fluids taste sweeter, as per some known psychologist. 
Night-time Erections Does Not Benefit Penile
Morning wood is known for serving another important function. It helps in keeping your penis in fighting shape for when it needs to stand in the bedroom. Morning woods prompt the smooth muscle in the penile for relaxing, which further helps the blood to rush in and get you hard. Without a regular relaxing-contracting workout, the length of your erect penile might actually shorten and you might need Generic Viagra.

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