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6 Amazing Sex Trends From The Past

People Have Always Been Really Frisky in The History 
Sexual desire is known for changing right from a moment to another. One minute feels frisky, and the next you might just feel like a cup of tea and a nap. Even though the sexual desire all about being excited and pretty important in terms of how things end up, research on when and why sexual desire is experienced is a limit. Various researches had sought to shed some light on the nature of sexual desire; how it differs people to people and within the same person.
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Ancient Egypt (3100-332 BC): Applying Lipstick Means You're Open For Having Oral Sex
The act of oral sex was practiced in of the most ancient societies, as oral sex is all about fun. But ancient Egyptians usually noted to be particularly enamored of going down so much so that one of their most important myths center that a blowjob given to clay penile brings the god Osiris back to life.
Egyptians are usually thought to have been the first culture for wearing makeup. Under this particular theory, the Egyptian enthusiasms for makeup and oral sex collided when the ancient Egyptian actually publicized their oral prowess by coloring their lips, which is a practice that evolved into the modern red lip.
Ancient Rome (753 BC- 476 AD): Deter Impotence By Avoiding Consumption of Lettuce
A high belief in aphrodisiac food was common in ancient cultures. Since you cannot just believe that some can help you to get horny without believing that others do the opposite, Romans usually believed that certain foods possessed anti-aphrodisiac qualities — particularly consumption of lettuce. Ancient Romans were suspicious of consuming lettuce, which they believed could instantly render impotence issue in men. Hence Roman males tended to avoid green stuff that can only assume led to a lack of fiber in their diet.
Middle Ages Europe (400-1400): Fall In Love From Afar
The middle ages were not a great time for making out. The Church had a very restrictive rule about whom you could bang and when one could get down to it. And in case you went against one of such rules by doing anything from having gay sex to having sex with the spouse on a lazy Sunday you could be severely punished, sometimes even with the death.
Of course, you cannot just stop people from banging, even if you make some crazy rules about it, and so people in the middle ages kept on doing it. But the restrictions on making love as well as changing ideas about things including marriages should be arranged by families or voluntary led to some of the creation of a concept known as "courtly love" in the late 11th century.
Victorian Era (1837-1901): Prescription Vibrators?
Victorian sexuality is a quite historical hot topic in recent years, as the idea been popularized as Victorian women diagnosed with "hysteria" (any physical or mental health issue) were all treated by being brought to orgasm by the doctors using vibrators. 
The 1990s: Everyone Gets Spanked!
Lest you think that S&M was popularized by Christian Grey and his dad jeans, where everyone knows about the practice experienced numerous profile booms through the 20th century. Bondage and power exchange sex play also had a long existed as underground endeavors. And they would periodically surface as mainstream trends including in the 1950s bondage photography featuring Bettie Page, or the hit of the 1986 movie 9 1/2 Weeks, which was basically 50 Shades of its day.


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