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Biggest Turn-Offs For Women

It’s no secret about the dating world, which is a rough one for navigating both men and women. However, all men are not same or might have same preferences; it can be confidently said that men may have a harder time in understanding women than women do to men. 
Finding out about what a woman likes can be as hard as to find out what she does not, and a woman's answer could be the polar opposite of another.
Fortunately, some of the real women have spoken out for getting the record straight and had given men the scoop on the things that will never get them get going to a second date. Here are some of the women's biggest turn-offs.
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Dirty Long Nails
Long nails, when maintained properly, can be pretty but only for girls. For some reason, women dislike the idea of men growing nails long, especially if it is just of the pinkie finger. On the other hand, if a guy has long, crooked nails with dirt in them, that’s a cue to women for running in the opposite direction.
Smelly Feet
This is known as a major turn-off for both the sexes but considering that men usually wear closed shoes, women win! If men have to wear closed shoes with socks to the workplace, please make sure to put some clean socks and give your shoes regular wash.
Proud Star Boys
Star boys are womanizers that are all proud of their ‘conquests’ and do not blink eyelid while boasting about them. It men want this to be just a fling, that is all their choice, but if they start listing names and scores, women may prefer moving out.
Talking But Not listening
Some guys just want to talk, talk, and talk without even pausing to listen. Most of the conversations of men revolve around them, their achievements and their issues, and when women mention that argument they had at work, men shut them down and call them some whiner. 
Complete Cluelessness
Women do not expect men to have somewhat of 170 IQ, but they do expect some fair knowledge and enough common sense for figuring things out. Men showing ignorance face while women speaking about the latest happenings in the world then sorry dude, women might be judging.
A man should not be surprised if they see women setting up the PlayStation without their inputs or changing the car tire without any help. They too know quite things and unless they ask you to explain something, just avoid taking it upon yourself to help the women.
Not Making Eye Contact
Guy looking everywhere else but not at the person he is talking to be annoying. Even if the guy speaks about having an embarrassing impotence condition, making eye contact can give the lady assurance that it can be worked on. Medicine like Tadalista Professional is always helpful.
Taking Normal Conventional Tablets In Between Lovemaking Session
Having erectile dysfunction condition is not an issue for women to handle unless man makes it all good with medications. Having normal conventional pills with water while making love can be a major turn off, hence men should try Tadalista Professional, sublingual tablet. The sublingual pill Tadalista Professional is composed of Tadalafil that has to be consumed by popping a pill along and allowing it to dissolve for effective outcomes in just 30 minutes! 


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