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Can You Even Last 2 Minutes In Bed?

The fact that many men do not last long while making love, is not necessarily a breaking news alert. But some of the new analysis is shedding more light on such situations of sexual shortcomings. Men often treat erectile dysfunction or impotency however do not so much do so for pre-mature ejaculation. Medicines like Filagra FXT that have dual power to deal with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation can deal with such issues in minutes.  
But How Quick Is Too Quick?
In 2008, a study presented in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, a sex therapist posted that intercourse lasting for 1-2 minutes is "too short," whereas, 3-7 minutes was "adequate," 7-13 minutes was known to be "desirable," and 10-30 minutes was "too long”. On the other hand, a 2004 study that included foreplay had found that on average, people were indulging in foreplay for about 11-13 minutes followed by 7-8 minutes of intercourse actually sounds positively luxurious when compared to some of the previous numbers. 
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Sometimes what one might want is to have a quickie, some intense love making and sometimes one might need to do something that is really fun and completely adventurous. Kind of sex you wish to have directly affects the length of the sex you end up having.
Nearly all men might have suffered from some form of poor bedroom performance at a certain point if they are all sexually active. It is not something that is to be ashamed about, in fact it is quite normal most of the time. Having said that, there are also some simple yet rather helpful tips which anyone can try for lasting a bit longer:
Squeeze Your Penis 
Perhaps squeezing the penis is one of the most practical tip around. When you squeeze you're penis below the head while performing intercourse, it significantly lowers the blood flow that is known to be the main cause of over-stimulation. 
Imagining Disgusting Thoughts
Thinking about something disgusting is not at all practical, but this tip can really work for few men. Just look down and imagine that you are sticking it in Quasimodo or something else. Anything that might make you need for throwing up and is also known for completely turning-off. 
Causes Pain To The Body
Pain in the body somewhere besides your shlong can be the result of quickie lovemaking. For the record, this is also known to be the best way for passing some polygraph test that might cause pain while some true answers can enhance the blood flow to the body including consumption of Filagra FXT. Thus, increased blood flow while appears to be at normal levels can help men to last longer in bed. The Filagra FXT along with helping to last longer in bed also provides a stiffer penile by working on erectile dysfunction in men.
Only Go Tip Deep
A little game that is called as just the tip… just for a second! After you are well into a passionate session of go, taking a small break from the deeper action is an actually wise idea which is even mandatory if you do not want to finish too soon.
Most of the time men are worried more about lasting longer in the bed rather than enjoying sex naturally. This adds up to the pressure psychologically and affects the penis stiffness. Anxiety is present more in couples who are trying for their first child. 
In current life style, especially in cities, it is difficult to have quality time for each other. Men are so exhausted that having sex daily seems to be difficult. Physical exhaustion is one of the foremost reasons why men don't last that long in the bed.
Other than all the above, the most prevalent life style disease in men to affect quality of sex is erectile dysfunction also known as impotency. Filagra FXT  is a popular ED relief medicine which can make men last longer, much longer! 


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