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Celebrate Thanksgiving Day with Cheapgenericeddrug

In the United States, thanksgiving is always celebrated in the month of November. It is observed on the fourth Thursday in November.

History of Thanksgiving
In 1789, the United States President George Washington addressed people to acknowledge God for offering them an opportunity to establish a form of government for people’s safety and happiness by observing a thanksgiving day. Dedicating a day to thanksgiving and prayer has become a yearly tradition in the United States.

In 1863, thanksgiving became a national holiday. In this year, President Abraham Lincoln, during the civil war, made his “Thanksgiving Day Proclamation”. He asked all the citizens to observe the last Thursday of November as a thanksgiving day. The Congress designated this day as a federal holiday. In Canada, Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the second Monday in October.

Thanksgiving Day is traditionally a day for people to get together and be thankful for what they have. Usually, it is celebrated with families and friends with a special meal. In some cities, Thanksgiving Day parades are held, while some festivities mark this day as the opening of Christmas shopping season.

Officially, most government offices, schools, businesses and other organizations are closed on this day. In fact, in the United States, it is one of the busiest periods for travel, causing congestion and overcrowding. is celebrating this Thanksgiving Day by offering 45% discount on all medications. Enjoy thanksgiving special offer this year with!

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