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Sex After 50

As people, age hope for having a good sex life should not change along with a transformation in the bodies. But for older people having sex is usually challenging with reference to various medical problems, surgeries, and other changes in body appearance. Unfortunately, spicing up sex lives might sometimes take a back seat for facing the reality of aging bodies. However, it is never too late to regain all the vigor and excitement of some past sexual pleasure. Learn to overcome some worrisome health obstacles like erectile dysfunction with Fildena 100 for gratifying and enjoying lovemaking session without any constraint of your age.
Sexual Changes in Women
As women age, they might notice some sexual changes as well. Some of them can be welcomed and others must need treatment.
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Sex Challenges for Aged Women:
Aged woman notice some unwanted sexual changes. Her appearance alters as arrival of some wrinkles or some gray hair occurs and makes her feel less attractive. This can also impact her sexual desire. As a woman age hormones lower that causes the vaginal wall to become thinner, drier, and more irritated. It can also make sex unpleasantly painful. Friction from lovemaking sessions leads to some micro-tears in the vaginal wall, which can later lead to pain and bleeding in extreme cases. Some prescription medications like Filagra Pink and over-the-counter lubricants can be useful. 
Sex Benefits for Aged Women 
Some sexual changes along aging can be noted as positive for women. Older women usually have learned what excites them and look forward to sharing that with their partners. For aged women sexual experiences might be the transformation of body confidence and sexual prowess. In addition worries of an unwanted pregnancy completely disappear after menopause or following a hysterectomy. This allows many older women to enjoy sex more freely.
Sexual Changes in Men
Men will also start noticing the changes in their bodies along with the age.
Sex Challenges for Aged Men 
Along with various benefits, older men might find aspects of sexuality that might be more challenging than they used to. It may take longer time for achieving an erection, and erections might not be as large or firm as they used to be, a man might turn out to be impotent and need Fildena 100 to treat it. They might also need more foreplay for an erection to occur as result after consuming Fildena 100. They end up producing less semen. Post-ejaculation loss of erection might be rapid and it can take longer time for achieving another erection.
Erectile dysfunction (impotence) or the loss of ability for attaining and maintaining an erection takes place to 65% of men over age 65. They can try Fildena 100 for regaining stiffer penile that stays for longer time.
Sex Benefits for Men as They Age
Age usually gets along some experience and an experienced aged man usually is more attuned to the importance of foreplay. Older men are more likely for knowing that slowing down and paying attention to partner's pleasure is important for good sex. Older men also last longer and take longer for orgasm as an adjustment right to the slower arousal of the bodies.


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