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Shock Wave Treatment May Help ED Men

Erectile Dysfunction (ED), a common male sexual disorder, is treatable by using low-intensity shock wave treatment, according to research. Experts believe that shock waves target the main etiology behind ED, which is poor blood supply to the penile organ. The penile organ receives adequate blood flow to experience erection after applying low-intensity shock waves. However, it is just an experimental therapy. It is not approved to treat impotency in the United States.

A new research suggests that low-intensity shock wave therapy might help improve mild to moderate erectile dysfunction in men. Like a popular oral ED medicine as Sildenafil Citrate (Fildena), shock wave therapy focuses on the chief cause of impotency, which is inadequate blood supply to the penile organ.

The long-term benefits and risks of this experimental therapy are still unclear; hence, experts suggest conducting more studies to determine the appropriate dosage, safety and treatment duration. This therapy can offer a safe alternative to ED men who are allergic to oral ED drugs and struggle to get satisfactory results.

Nevertheless, few clinical trials and researches advise that low-intensity shock waves can boost blood circulation and eventually help men attain and sustain an erection. It is useful for men who suffer from ED due to cardiovascular disease or penile vascular inadequacy.

According to a renowned medical expert, this therapy can restore the penile organ's erectile function, but the exact working is not clearly understood.

There may be a limitation to this experimental therapy. Men with ED due to psychological or neurological issues may not reap the benefits of this treatment. They need proper counseling and support to regain their erectile function. Shock wave therapy cannot be considered a panacea for every man who experiences erectile difficulties. It may be a better choice for men with ED caused by poor blood flow to the male organ.

There is no strong evidence to advise shock wave treatment for men with other causes of ED, such as Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, depression, anxiety, stress, complication of rectal or prostate surgery and nerve injury.


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