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What is Good Sex And Bad Sex?

It's great if you convince someone for sex with you. But, not every sexual experience is going to be a great thing. There is a huge difference between enjoying yourself and having the time of your life. Of course, once you know what the differences are, it will become easier for you to have a positive experience every time. If impotence is the issue, powerful ED relief medicine like Filagra 100 can help. Below mentioned are some of the main differences between good sex and bad sex.
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Partner’s Mood All Matter
Your lover might make or break love-making session. If you both are enthusiastic, passionate and sexy at the same time then you are going to have an amazing time. However, in case, they are tired, bored or plain lazy, then you are not going to have the experience that you might be hoping for. That is the reason one must need to pick your partners carefully. If you are in a committed relationship and are always with the same person, then one might make sure for being in the mood, so that they are as eager to bang as you are.
Attitude of the Partner
The attitude of your partner is not the only thing that might matter. You might need for having a positive attitude, as well. You should be living in the moment, enjoying every touch and the scent. One might not want to fantasize about being somewhere else with someone else. Just live in the moment and sex will feel a whole lot sexier with Filagra 100 consumption.
Foreplay is Important Aspect
It is an important aspect of any sexual experience. In case, you need to have an intense orgasm, then all you might have to do is foreplay for a longer time. Start in beginning of the day by just sending some kinky text to your partner. By the time you both get home, get ready with Filagra 100 and just hop into bed together.
Creativity Makes It Interesting 
Repetitive love-making session is actually boring. That is why one must get creative by trying various new things. Get a new toy into the bedroom, try various sex positions, have sex at a different time of day, try sex after consumption of Filagra 100. Even the smallest change can lead to a major turn on.
The timing for Making Love
You do not want to initiate sex, when your other half partner is in a bad mood or when you have some other things that have already occupied your mind. You might need some right time when both are happiest so that you get most out of such session.
Good sex is not about how you felt or enjoyed but how both of you enjoyed. Sex is important stated need of humans and it is not to be perceived lightly emotionally or physically.  


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