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Why Mondays are Most Hated Week Day

Well, the reasons for hating Mondays seem so obvious, as its first day after the weekend, and we all know that weekends passes away too quickly. We always find excuses to extend our pleasure whether it is a weekend or whether it is having generic viagra for an action-packed fantasy night!. Our brains are wired in a manner which allocates ‘good days’ and ‘not so great days’. Week-ends by default have imagery in our brain of leisure, family time, fun etc. all personal enjoyable things or activities. All of which we cannot do on weekdays and when your week starts with Monday, you obviously hate it. 
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Why We Hate Monday
It’s not difficult to understand why Monday is a despised day for many. You get used to the weekend and to resting in, and after two days of doing whatever you want, you are back in the world of work.
How to Make Monday Better
Despite the reported high productivity, in case you find it difficult for motivating yourself on Mondays, make sure to take advantage of that fresh energy from the weekend. Give motivating advice and make sure to complete tough tasks in the morning. Some other tips as to how can you make Monday better are listed down:
  • Try understanding that you will have more vacation, there will be some another weekend and more travels in the future
  • It is not sure that how things might work when you have a family, but you can simply divide work with your family members or if they are packed with other tasks like you, you can pay someone to work for you
  • Go to happy hour, you can meet a friend for lunch, have some interesting game night, go on a date or go to some fun event including a movie or festival. The brains might get in extreme Monday mode and it might overdo the efforts to get “caught up” and be super-efficient
  • Putting on some “real clothes” and even having some fun earrings and ending the day with lovely intercourse with the help of Generic Viagra can make people ready for Monday and excited to start the week
  • After relaxing weekend, you might want to extend the lovely relationship, maybe with help of Generic Viagra as it can overcome stress-induced impotence
  • Sleeping in, just trying to grab the last few winks, throwing the alarm clock or jangling some cellphone across the room will not do anything for making Mondays better. What might give you a leg up, however, is becoming an early riser, like getting your legs out of bed a little earlier than usual time
  • You cannot go breakneck speed without a break, not unless you might need to risk crashing to a dead stop along the way. Exhaustion, physical or mental, work stress, tension, irritability, anger, some disappointment and other negative effects from working nonstop shall take their toll
  • Coffee might be a workday staple, but it does not have to be a boring routine as you are locked into. For one of those times you are headed to the coffee room or vending machine, you might just skip the brew and indulge yourself with a brisk 10-minute walk



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