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Why Smokers Don't Get a Proper Penile Erection

It is proved that smoking impacts the penile erection in men. In 2014, the acting U.S. Surgeon General added the condition 'Erectile Dysfunction (ED)' to the list of health issues that are caused owing to smoking. Various researches indicate that, men who smoke are at a higher risk of getting affected by Erectile Dysfunction. Usually, erectile dysfunction aka impotency worsens in men that smoke heavily and in those who have smoked for a very long time. Passive smoke also affects penile.
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For achieving a firm erection, men need to have sufficient blood flow to their penile region. The blood in penile region helps in keeping the erection firm enough for sexual activity. Kamagra Gold 100 pills can help men to have a proper blood flow for a stiffer penile erection.  About 4,000 chemicals and toxins from cigarettes directly interfere with this flow of blood. It can simply damage the lining of blood vessels or it can lead to hardening of the arteries. The condition further affects the smooth muscle tissue, which needs to relax and allow the blood to flow in. When any of these mentioned scenarios occur, less blood reaches the penile region. This causes men to get a weaker erection or no erection at all. Cigarette smoking can also lower the amount of nitric oxide, which is a compound that is known for playing an important role in the process of penile erection.

Erectile Dysfunction often gets better when men start to quit smoking. Still, men that are having issues in getting and maintaining a firm penile erection are advised to use Kamagra Gold 100 pills. Many factors, not just smoking, can contribute to impotence issue in men. Some health conditions including diabetes or heart disease can also be involved in making man impotent. If that is the case, it is important for those conditions to be treated as soon as possible. Doing so is not only good for overall health, but it can also help in improving the penile erection.

However, quitting to smoke is always a good idea; the sooner the better. The doctor too can suggest various methods for quitting. Even smoking cessation program including use of medicated chewing gum like Kwiknic 2mg Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) can help. Don't let smoking restrict your sexual well-being.


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