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Why You Should Skip Dinner Before Sex

In case, you were really interested in eating healthy for ensuring better lovemaking session, you would have started it years ago. Science informs that the best lovers are already good eaters, which means that you would have a steady diet including whole grains, fruits, and vegetables for their phytonutrients, and other spices including garlic or ginger to boost libido and enhancing the flow of blood. You would avoid consumption of alcohol as it might lower testosterone and can mess with the boner, aka whiskey dick. Filagra 100 is the medicine that helps a man in such condition for achieving a better erection. Even this Filagra 100 medicine fails to deliver effectiveness when consumed over heavy meals. 
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If you are already closed and tonight you are going out for dinner and let’s assume that you already know that sex is going to occur. It is not too late for getting it right; you can avoid the foods that are going to make sex harder physically, logistically embarrassing or some outright disaster.
Food Might Make You Tired
The release of insulin post intake of carbohydrates shall make you feel sleepy. Digestion of food is known as a taxing event on your system; hence, one must avoid big heavy meals, which might put men right into a food coma. Do not eat a giant plate of pasta and expect to be some sort of tiger in the sack. Avoid drinking a glass of warm milk before you stick it in, though it is hard for imagining someone would do it. Experts say that balancing your plate with a one-to-two proportion of protein and carbohydrates is rather a good idea when you look forward to staying alert after a meal.
Food May Kill Your Sex Drive
Research shows that a number of foods shall block effort for being active for making love, and upon entering the bloodstream, immediately for beginning sex with your hormones. They might include:
Cheese – It messes with hormones
Mint – Leads to decrease in testosterone
Cornflakes – They were invented for lowering libido and thwarting masturbation off. It had the idea of being a boring food that does not excite the loins
Caffeine — A coffee date before sex sounds great, but if you are a type of person coffee makes jittery. They the anxiety might kill the vibe quicker and you might need Filagra 100 instead
Chocolate – It is a tough call, but this alleged aphrodisiac that is also said for lowering testosterone in men
Processed Meats – Polyvinyl chloride present in processed meats is known for messing with hormones. Hot dogs are all loaded with saturated fats that clog the arteries and later clog sex times. Even if you take Filagra 100 for boosting up penile, it won’t work post such heavy meals
Super Fried or Salty Foods – Like French fries make it hard for maintaining that boner going. Same goes for canned foods including beans soaked in sodium water
It May Make You Gassy
Beans, carbonated beverages (tonic) are not good for consumption before sex. Passing gas is a normal process to occur, but again, why boost your chances of losing erection?
Heavy Meals Interfere with Effectiveness of Filagra 100
Eating meals before consumption of Filagra 100 cause the medicine to deliver effect more slowly. Fatty meals make it harder for Sildenafil Citrate to enter the bloodstream. Ideally, you should take Filagra 100 on an empty stomach for maximum and safe outcomes.


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