Filagra Green 100

Filagra Green 100
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Manufacturer: Fortune Health Care

Filagra Green 100 is an oral medication with respect to resolve Erectile Dysfunction in men. The main component in the drug is still left unchanged – Sildenafil Citrate 100mg, which is a well-known ED curing drug. These powerful green tablets are potential inhibitors who help in overcoming the problem of impotence in men. The formula benefits men to experience peak satisfaction without any troubles and failures. A disturbed sex life may put your relation to an end; impotence in men is found to be more dysfunctional relationship rather than a physical disorder. A healthy sexual intercourse is necessary for a healthy relationship of the duo. This medication provides the solution to get rid of impotence within a short time span. The drug is popular and long lasting peak results. The ED curing formula provides the best results to fight penile issues and victim unlimited sexual intercourse. Generally, Sex is all about experiencing pleasure; this pill can make it possible within short time span.


  1. This drug is in oral form and is to get best out of it; it is suggested to be consumed as the whole medicine without chewing or crushing.
  2. To make best out of the drug the person should be sexually stimulated before the pill is consumed.
  3. The drug is a strong ED pill and is suggested to be moderately ingested to victim a safer and long lasting outcomes.
  4. Avoid consumption of alcohol or any hard drinks while you are under any anti-impotence treatment.
  5. The medication should be consumed before 30minutes of sexual intercourse, only one pill is recommended in 24hours. Over consumption of the pill may result in some serious side effects.
  6. Filagra Green 100 works as a potential inhibitor by increasing blood flow to the sex organ by widening the arterial passage. Proper consumption may give long lasting and satisfied result.

Drug Contraindications:

  • Nitrates: These are present in some medicines that treat certain health conditions, particularly ones within that of cardiovascular system
  • Recreational drugs: A number of recreational medications also contain nitrates like ‘Poppers’, ‘Aromas’ and ‘Room Odourisers’. Not only these nitrates mix badly with Sildenafil Citrate 100mg  in Filagra Green 100, but the other substances in them might not react well with the body either
  • Alpha-blockers: Men taking alpha-blockers for hypertension should make sure there is at least a six hour gap between consumption of this medicine and ED solution

Warnings and Precautions:

  • The medicine is not recommended for use in pediatric or men below 18 years of age
  • Vasodilation effects are most seen in patients with hypotension or on antihypertensive therapy
  • Taking Sildenafil Citrate 100mg in pulmonary veno-occlusive diseased men may lead to pulmonary edema and is not recommended safe for consumption by them
  • Hearing or visual impairment like reactions are likely to occur while taking Filagra Green 100. In such cases, stop taking the medicine and consult doctor
  • Condition like pulmonary hypertension secondary to sickle cell disease may cause serious vaso-occlusive crises while taking this ED medication
  •  The pill composed of Sildenafil Citrate 100mg may lead to dizziness, thus avoid getting involved in activities like driving or other actions that may need your attention
  • Overdose or combination of various ED medications is not safe and should be avoided under any circumstances


Conventional tablet Filagra Green 100 is easily stored in cool and dry place. Store it at normal room temperature away from children and pets. Do not store pills near moisture prone area or near reach of direct sunlight.

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