Fildena CT 50

Fildena CT 50
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Manufacturer: Fortune Health Care

Fildena CT 50 is an effective Erectile Dysfunction medication containing Sildenafil Citrate as its key ingredient. The chewable tablets are easy to consume and can be simply chewed away to experience better and improved results. With Sildenafil Citrate as its key ingredient, the tablet works the best by reducing arterial entanglements and by improving the quality of blood flow to the penile. Impotence in men is easy to overcome with the help of this interesting ED curing aid. The medication works outstanding by improving erectile capabilities and performance and by reducing arterial failures blocking the natural process of achieving and keeping up an erection.


  1. The medicine should be consumed in moderation. Overdose is unsafe and should be strictly avoided.
  2. The 50mg Chewable tablet should be consumed with plain water or without water. Avoid consuming any of the ED pills together with alcohol, grape fruit juice or wine.
  3. The medicine is a powerful treatment and should be consumed in moderation. The effects are experienced in just 30minutes after the tablet is consumed.
  4. Do not take an overdose. Excessive consumption of Sildenafil Citrate results in development of allergies or reactions.
  5. Fildena CT 50 is popular for its fast mechanism and outstanding performance in reducing arterial failures and improving the abilities of men to achieve and keep up an erection in presence of stimulation.
  6. The medicine should not be consumed to treat or overcome Premature Ejaculation. It is an ED product and temporarily improves erectile capabilities and performance in men.
  7. The 50mg Chewable tablet should be cautiously consumed in case of allergies and reactions to the ingredients used in it.
  8. Erectile Dysfunction is not a medical condition, in most of the cases; it is just a part of aging. A simple 50mg Fildena Chewable will work the trick when consumed properly.
  9. Avoid carrying out any heavy duty physical exercise after consuming the medication. The person might experience slight dizziness or giddiness post consumption.

Drug Contraindications:

  • If men suffers from severe hepatic and renal impairment
  • Men with Low or high blood pressure
  • If an individual is consuming medications for treating hypotension or hypertension, Fildena CT 50 may interact with the drug and make it ineffective
  • Sildenafil Citrate component cannot be consumed in case of rare hereditary disorders that include non-arteritic anterior ischaemic optic neuropathy (NAION)
  • The component in this medicin, Sildenafil Citrate is also contraindicated in cases of retinal disorder

Warnings and Precautions:

  • Men with a myocardial infarction within last 90 days should avoid intake of this ED medicine
  • Men with unstable angina or angina that occurs while sexual intercourse should take this Sildenafil Citrate medicine post consulting doctor
  • Avoid intake of Fildena CT 50 chews if you are suffering from uncontrolled arrhythmia, hypotension (<90/50 mm Hg), or uncontrolled hypertension (>170/100 mm Hg)
  • Men may come across dizziness like condition while taking this ED medicine. Hence, performing activities like driving or using heavy machineries should be avoided
  • Sildenafil Citrate 50mg powered medicine is to be consumed only as prescribed, overdose with this medicine may lead to several reactions
  • If you are taking other ED medications, do not take this Sildenafil Citrate 50mg chew or in case you are planning to consume this chew do not take any other ED medicine


Chewable medicine Fildena CT 50 is to be stored in same blister pack away from children and pets. Store it at normal room temperature away from moisture prone area. Protect the chews from direct sunlight by storing in same blister pack.

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