Tadalista 10

Tadalista 10
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Manufacturer: Fortune Health Care

High powered Tadalista 10 pills are manufactured by Fortune Health Care Ltd. out of Tadalafil 10mg. The high powered pills are especially composed to treat Erectile Dysfunction (Impotency) or repeated penile failure issue in men. Impotency issue is a condition in men when he is unable to achieve stiffer erection and maintain it for longer time even after being sexually stimulated. This condition is difficult to live with. However, appropriate intake of medicine helps men to attain and maintain proper erection for longer time.

Tadalafil component in medicine works by boosting up flow of blood and loosening arterial blockages in the penile region. The component in medicine works by restricting enzyme called phosphodiesterase type 5, or PDE5. Low level of PDE5 enzyme, enhances chance for an erection of penile. Sexual stimulation is necessary to start the release of nitric oxide, the deterring effect of Tadalista 10 on the PDE5 enzyme does not work if there is no sexual stimulation.


  1. Tadalista 10 composed of Tadalafil treats ED by boosting up flow of blood and relieving arterial strains as whole in the penile region.
  2. High powered pills are to be consumed in moderation for best and effective results. Avoid overdose with pills as it may lead to adverse reactions and severe side effects
  3. Some common side effects with this medicine include vomiting, headache or mild nausea. These reactions are mild and nothing to worry about as they do not stay on body for longer time
  4. Parent ingredient in medicine I a powerful medicine that starts its action mechanism in 25 to 30 minutes post consumption
  5. Appropriate intake of medicine in presence of complete sexual stimulation allows men to stay active for approx. 36 hours
  6. Do not consume excessive amount of alcohol when you are consuming Tadalista 10 pills. Drinking excessive alcohol could potentially cause headache or dizziness, and may drop your hypertension

Drug Contraindications:

  • If men are already consuming medicines called nitrates Tadalista 10 drug should not be consumed
  • If men is under treatment for high blood pressure (hypertension) and taking its medication
  • If men taking medications that increase the activity of the enzyme CYP3A4 such as carbamazepine (Tegretol, Equetro, Carbatrol), phenobarbital, phenytoin (Dilantin), rifampin (Rifadin), St John's wort, and nimodipine (Nimotop) the combination contraindicates
  • If men are consuming other medicines or treatments for ED condition
  • Tadalafil composed medicine is consumed in combination with other ED medications

Warnings and Precautions:

  • Tadalafil can cause your blood pressure to drop suddenly to an unsafe level if Tadalista 10 is consumed with certain other medicines
  • ED medicine may make you feel dizzy, faint, or have a heart attack or stroke
  • Avoid intake of Tadalafil composed medicine if you take any medicines called “nitrates.” As nitrates are commonly used to treat angina, and the combination can cause pain in your chest, jaw, or down your arm
  • After consumption of a single tablet, some of the active ingredient of the medicine remains in your body for more than 2 days. This active ingredient can remain longer if you have issues with your kidneys or liver
  • In case you are consuming Tadalafil composed medicine for treating ED, stop sexual activity and get medical help right away if you get symptoms including chest pain, dizziness, or nausea
  • Seek immediate medical attention if come across sudden decrease or loss of hearing occurs


Medicine Tadalista 10 is composed in conventional tablet form that is easy to consume and store. Keep the medicine in same blister pack to protect from direct reach of sunlight. Keep the medicine at a safe distance from children and pets. Avoid storing the medicine by altering the package of the medicine.

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