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Assurans 20mg is a high-performance Sildenafil Citrate composition improving sexual performances in men. The medicine is available in 20 mg tablets that are safe when consumed with plain water. The basic component used in the medicine works outstanding in dealing with sexual disabilities and improving sexual performances as a whole.

The formula is one of the power-packed solutions to overcome impotence and experience a rejuvenated sex life. The medicine delivers outstanding results by improving blood flow to the organ and by reducing arterial failures as a whole.

Erectile Dysfunction in men is a very difficult condition to live with; products like Assurans 20 mg deliver phenomenal results by improving sexual performances and by reducing arterial failures as a whole. The tablet works simply its best by reducing erectile failures and by overcoming penile discrepancies as a whole.


This medicine dissolves fast in the blood streams improving sexual performances and abilities in men. With reduced risks of failures, the treatment functions at its best, and impotence are in complete control. Overdose of the medicine is unhealthy and should be strictly avoided. Excessive consumption of the drug can increase the chances of side effects and reactions making it difficult for the couples to reach the level of satisfaction.

Sildenafil Citrate is known for its effective working and relieves ED from impotent men. 20mg strength of this medicine is safe to consume with plain water. The main active ingredient in the pill works flawlessly for dealing with sexual disabilities and enhancing penile performances as a whole. Medicine relieves impotence issues and allows men to experience a rejuvenated love life with full confidence.

The medicine delivers phenomenal outcomes by enhancing sexual performances and lowering arterial failures as a whole. However, this pill is known for its best working only when it is consumed appropriately as prescribed by the doctor i.e. in presence of complete sexual stimulation.


Medication Sildenafil 20 mg under this category helps men to stay active for attaining a stiffer penile erection that stays for a longer time. Along with a lower risk of penile failure, medication also delivers an appropriate erection that is suitable for intercourse. Moderate intake of ED solution is safe and highly recommended. Simply take ED medicine approx. 30 minutes before intercourse in presence of complete sexual stimulation.

The effectiveness of medicine lasts for max 4 hours when consumed as prescribed. The online store offers this medicine in 20mg at the best possible rates with various exciting discount offers.