1. What should I do if I lose my Username and Password? Can it be retrieved ?
If you are a registered member and have lost or forgotten the password, you will have to send us a request for retrieving the details. We would promptly mail you the email details you provided while registering. We will ensure that your mail is replied within a very short time, however, in case of any further difficulties; you can always contact our customer support team.

2. If the drug I want does not exist on your online store, does it mean you don’t sell it ?
NO! We sell a wide range of generic brands popular and reliable for curing sexual health troubles. If in case you fail to see the drug you require, please contact us and we will confirm its availability.
3. How to change the order after it has been placed ?
The online store is extremely user-friendly; we have designed the user interface with an editing option. The user can make the necessary changes prior to receiving complete payments. However, the payment mode cannot be edited.
4. Which countries do you ship to ?
All products are shipped worldwide except .
5. Is there any age limit which is to be followed while ordering medications from cheapgenericeddrug.com ?
Yes, children below the age of 18 years are restricted from buying online generic medications from the online store.
6. Does the online store guarantees delivery of orders purchased?
Of course, fastest and on-time delivery of the orders is our basic motive. The products ordered are delivered within time, without any alterations. In case, if the orders get delayed due to our fault, we refund the amount. However, if the orders are delayed or misplaced due to incorrect shipping address, then the customer is not liable for refunds.
7. Can health insurance be considered as a mode of payment ?
Our online drugstore current does not have any arrangements allowing the customer to pay health insurance for medical expenses coverage.
8. Are the products delivered within their expiry dates ?
Of course yes, at cheapgenericeddrug.com you will never come across even a single drug which has crossed the expiry date. These practices are highly illegal and harmful to our site reputation.
9. Are there any age limitations for using generic ED drugs ?
NO, the online store is designed to offer quality generic sexual health care treatments. The major category of drugs is for curing impotence and Premature Ejaculation in men. These health troubles are generally observed in elderly. Hence, it is extremely safe to consume these drugs at any age.

10. What are your security policies ?
Our security policies are discreet and assures about safe online transactions. The credit card details of the customers are stored in and security system and is not leaked anywhere on web.