Can Diabetes Cause Erectile Dysfunction


A medical condition like type 1 and type 2 diabetes must be managed well to lower health risks. In this condition, the individual experiences blood sugar spikes. It is managed with treatments, which are geared towardsmonitoring blood sugar fluctuations and reducing the blood sugar to a safe range.

Diabetic individuals are highly susceptible to developing issues related to their sexual function. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a sexual disorder, which is quite common among diabetics.In this blog, we shall see how erectile dysfunction is linked to diabetes.

About diabetes

Diabetes is a lifelong condition, which is progressive. It is characterized by a sudden rise in the levels of sugar or glucose in the blood. This happens due tothe impairment of the function of insulin hormone in the body.

Insulin is an essential hormone that is produced and released by the pancreas. Its function is to process blood sugar and transport it to each cell of the body. The cells use sugar along with amino acids for energy.

However, in this condition, because of insulin malfunction, the cells fail toutilize the sugar (Glucose), which causes spikes in the blood sugar. This leads to the deprivation of energy in the cells.

Risk of diabetes

A rise in the levels of blood sugar increases the risk of health issues. If the blood sugar remainspersistently high over a period, then this increases the chances of developing diabetic complications.Sexual health also gets affected by this.

It is necessary to seek medical intervention, which will slow down the progression of the disease. Timely treatment will lower the risk of diabetic complications.The condition can be effectively managed with the help of medications.

In addition to that, your lifestyle also plays a pivotal role here. Seeking treatment is not enough. You must put some effortintoswitching to a healthier lifestyle. Your choices are crucial.

Pay attention to your diet. Certain foods can contribute to the rise in blood sugar. You need to avoid such foods. Or you can have them in moderation. Moreover, it is necessary to exercise regularly. This will help bring down the sugar levels in the blood.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is an ability to get and maintain firmer erections. This issue is not uncommon among diabetic patients. It stems from a lack of proper blood circulation through the penile arteries.

Erections are attained when there is adequate blood flowingthrough the penile blood vessels. Lack of blood happens when the blood vessels become narrow and block the blood flow inside.

Lack of blood supply to the penileimpairs the ability to get firmer erections. As a result, the penile remains flaccid and softeven after complete sexual arousal.

The reason for the malfunction of the blood vessels and lack of blood supply can be attributed to psychological or physiological factors. Diabetes is one of the common potent reasons that leads to erection problems.

Correlation between diabetes and erectile dysfunction

A chronic health condition like diabetes is one of the most common causesof erection difficulties in males. When the sugar levels remain high for a persistent duration, then there are higher possibilities of developing health complications.

High sugar levels can impair the nerves and vascular system function. Erectile dysfunction is a result of impairment in vascular functioning, and diabetes is a major contributor to vascular disorder.

Thecondition affects the walls of the blood vessels and causes them to become narrow. This impairment and constriction block the flow of blood supply to the penile. There are several ways through which diabetes causes damage to vascular function.

The rise in blood sugar can give rise to health conditions such as high blood pressure(hypertension), cardiovascular disorders, heart diseases, and cholesterol issues. These conditions are the contributors to vascular disorders, thereby potentiating the risk of erectile dysfunction. 

Ways to manage erectile dysfunction

One of the safest and most effective ways of dealing with erectile dysfunction is ED medications. These medications contain active ingredients, which help improve vascular functioning.

These medications are vasodilators, that increase the flow of blood to the penile and help men improve their erection function. One of the most popular medicinesfor EDis Viagra.

There are generic versions of Viagra such as Filagra 50, that offer identical benefits. Both these medicines are composed of the same active ingredient, which is Sildenafil Citrate.

These medicines work only in the presence of arousal. They do not trigger erections spontaneously. Diabetic individuals can also make use of these medicines. However, it is necessary to inform your healthcare provider first.